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Certus Sourcing LLC is committed to serving our nation as a contract partner to fill capability gaps in the form of human resources.

Healthcare Professionals

With extensive experience in Healthcare administration by our founding members, Certus Sourcing understands the challenges our defense health system face when trying to meet the demands of their requirements. The #1 issue facing the capability gap in healthcare is the need for healthcare professionals to fill critical positions. We are experts in recruiting, placing, and providing HR services for all types of healthcare professionals.

Logistics Professionals

Another area of expertise by our founding members is in the profession of logistics. DoD logistic operations are unique in nature and it is extremely beneficial for them to leverage the experience of a veteran who understands this distinctiveness. Certus Sourcing LLC has an extensive network of logistics veterans that can be placed in key positions.

General Administrative Professionals

U.S. Government agencies have a specific style of writing, financial management, contracting, and personnel operations. Our goal is to find those who understand and have a working knowledge of government administrative functions and place them in organizations with this requirement. These positions are usually a great fit for a military spouse or dependent.

Program/Project Management Professionals

Certus Sourcing LLC understands that headquarter level work has an enterprise impact no matter the branch of service. These positions are typically reserved for senior level veterans who have extensive experience at all levels of their respective branch. This allows them to provide a significant impact on the organizations they will be placed with.